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Our Unarmed - Armed Security Guards are all State of Georgia Certified through  GA 509.3.2 & 509.3.10-11


Our Professional Security Officer's receive extensive training.  We are not the Barney Fife Security Agency!  We are trained, professional and trustworthy.  Our officers are the best in the business!  And of course, you get what you pay for.  If your looking for some warm bodies to lean against a wall and appear to look like security sorry, we are not that company.  We are fully licensed and insured for your protection.  We are prompt, descrete and all of our clients info is always kept confidential.  We have security officer's as far south as Lagrange and Columbus, Valdosta Georgia north to Athens, Madison and Milledgeville, over to Conyers, Lithonia, Americus, Cordele, and all other Georgia Cities.  We are officially licensed through the Georgia Secretary of State and by law, those who perform security services as a company in the State of Georgia must be licensed and their officer's or agents must be State Certified and if carrying a firearm, must be licensed to do so.  For Fire Online Fire Watch Training go to


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Need A Private Detective!  All of our Private Investigators are Licensed through the Georgia Secretary of State GA 509.3.06  If the data your trying to capture is going to be used court, you better make sure that you know the law when it comes to Data collection and who is allowed to collect it for it to be admissible

in court.  There is a reason why we are licensed to provide private investigations services in Georgia.


Need to locate someone?  Spouse Issues, Domestic disputes, Corporate Internal undercover investigations and Loss Prevention Investigation are just a few of the investigations services we provide. Locations, California, West Virginia, San Antonio, Alaska, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Alabama, Boston, and many more!





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Event security cannot be trusted to just anyone.  It takes planning, and backup contigency plans to make sure everything runs smooth and that liability is reduced to a minimum.  Just think, what if a fire broke out at the event location, or shots were fired, would the typical security company know how to respond?  It's sad to say but probably not.  We are not your typical security agency, we are highly trained and proficient at protecting life and property for our clients.  Don't put safety and security last on the list, it should be first!  Call us today 866-989-5253  Georgia, Florida, Nevada, Illinois, Texas, Missouri, Kansas and Many more U.S. Cities


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Atlanta Georgia and surrounding areas are becoming one of the top locations for Movie Production companies.  With that being said, our celebrity VIP protection services are becoming more in demand.  In the State of Georgia, the only Licensed individuals who can legally perform Executive Protection services are licensed Private Detectives.  We have all of the licensed Executive Protection Agents available 24-7.  We have performed Executive Protection services in Georgia for the Soul Train Music Awards, BET Music Awards and countless other celebrity and VIP events.  Trust the original!


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Why do we train so hard!  Because the safety of our clients may depend on it!  We are not the average security service who get's by on luck!  No, we work at it until we get it right.  All of our officers go through more training than some Law Enforcment Agencies.  We do it because we want to be the best in the business.


Work hard or Go home is the philosphy here at the agency and we make sure that it is known through our performance.  Only the best services for our clients, and you can bet on that!

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Fire Watch Training- Fire Watch Guards Provide Safety Services at commercial facilities during in Atlanta, Elberton, Rolston, Dunwoody Ga,Newnan Ga, Norcross Ga, Augusta GA Fire Watch during construction, power outages, remodeling, fire system malfunctions and or when Hot Work (welding is being performed)

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EPAI Protective Services

EPAI Protective Services

Providing reliable Security, Protection and Investigations services. Body Guard, Executive Protection, Armed Guards, Escorts, Asset Protection, Corporate Security In the Corporate Security...

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