Our Trained Body Guards and Personal Protection Agents are experts in Executive/  and Personal protection throughout SE Asia, Ho Chi Minh City, Thailand, Cambodia and China.  You do not have to be a celebrity to use our services.  Countless continual hours of training go into every agent to insure maximum client protection.  Our services are not only utilized by celebrities but also by everyday people who may have a specific situation that requires these precise, close protection services.  Our agents travel the globe providing VIP Security services in places like Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore as well as the United States. 


Body Guards have always been seen in public as giants, huge scary guys that seem to draw a lot of attention to the people who have hired them that do not want much attention.  For that reason, our protection agents are masters at martial arts, weapons handling and manipulation experts who's appearance may not look so intimidating at first glance on purpose.  Our professional agents are also master of blending in with our client.  This in itself is a security measure that works better than drawing unwanted attention towards our client.


For example, if our client is in jogging pants and a t-shirt, our agents will dress similar as not to draw attention to the client.  On the other hand, depending on the client request say, a Red Carpet Event, our personal protection agents can be as intimidating as you can get while still paying close attention to the client.  There's an old saying in the security world, " The Big guys you can see coming, it's those little guys that you better watch out for"   In other words, it's not about size in the Protection Business, it's about Tactics, Skill Sets and Knowledge!


Whether your on a Yacht headed to the Bahamas or Central America to taking the Family oversees on vacation, or you have a specific business or family situation that requires specialized protection services, we have the services available to you 24/7!













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Fire Watch Training- Fire Watch Guards Provide Safety Services at commercial facilities during in Atlanta, Elberton, Rolston, Dunwoody Ga,Newnan Ga, Norcross Ga, Augusta GA Fire Watch during construction, power outages, remodeling, fire system malfunctions and or when Hot Work (welding is being performed)

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EPAI Protective Services

EPAI Protective Services

Providing reliable Security, Protection and Investigations services. Body Guard, Executive Protection, Armed Guards, Escorts, Asset Protection, Corporate Security In the Corporate Security...

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