Our Tactical Incident Response Team is your best protection option for protecting critical infrastructure sites during or following Natural Disaster of any kind.  Our Specialized Private Incident Response Team members are specialist in securing facilities during emergency situations.  When employees or management can no longer protect a facility due to extreme situations, it's time to call in the I.R.T.  Incident Response Team. 


The I.R.T. has special equipment, Tactics and the know how to secure your valuable assets and to protect them until regular services can be restored.  What kind of events would warrant using the I.R.T.?


  • Power Outages
  • Facility fire
  • Strikes and Protest
  • Massive Layoffs
  • Serious Threats to Facilities or Personnel
  • Natural Disasters


To receive services from the I.R.T. in an emergency, companies must be set up on retainer accounts prior to an active event.  The contracts are setup to provide services even if the company or agency cannot contact the I.R.T. due to loss of power or jammed phone lines.  The I.R.T. tracks weather and any other situation that may be cause loss to our clients.   If a serious event is active near our clients location(s), we immediately deploy an I.R.T. Recon team to assess activity near our clients location.  If our clients assets are at risk of compromise, the Recon team stays onsite until additional I.R.T. Team members deploy to provide coverage until company, city officials or the client can be notified.


When you have millions of dollars of inventory or infrastructure on the line, you can count on our protective services to secure your assets and or personnel in turbulent times.


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Fire Watch Training- Fire Watch Guards Provide Safety Services at commercial facilities during in Atlanta, Washington Ga, Buford, Dunwoody Ga,Alpharetta Ga, Norcross Ga, Marietta Georgia, Augusta GA Fire Watch during construction, power outages, remodeling, fire system malfunctions and or when Hot Work (welding is being performed)

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